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About WPAI

In year 2001, to immortalize the memory of Bird Watcher Salim Ali, the greatest Indian Naturalist of modern time, SAM International Salon (Slides & Prints in Nature & Wildlife) was initiated as an ‘Annual Event’.

The aesthetics of Photography is a matter that continues to be discussed regularly, especially in artistic circles. Many artists argued that Photography was the mechanical reproduction of an image. If photography is authentically art, than Photography in the context of art would need redefinition, such as determining what component of a Photographs makes it beautiful to the viewer.

In year 2005, due to vast popularity, SAM International Salon (Only Slides in Nature & Wildlife) has become a circuit of six salons extending opportunities to the exhibitors at meager cost. Numerous participants from India and abroad are participating regularly in this event, opening and sharing new ideas.

In year 2013, the organization was initially registered under WPAI, and then was re- registered under IIPC, FIP and PSA. The International Exhibitions are conducted as per recommended practices of the PSA, IIPC and FIP. Successful photographic exhibitions were held in past years to boost up the confidence of its members.

Digital imaging has raised ethical concerns because of the ease of manipulating digital Photographs in post-processing. In the year 2013, SAM CIRCUIT accepted digital entries online for five sections (Color, Nature, Wildlife, Photojournalism & Photo Travel). This year 2014, it has been modified to accept all digital entries for six sections (Monochrome Pictorial, Color Pictorial, Nature, Wildlife, Photojournalism & Photo Travel). Also, SAM PRINT CIRCUIT accepting six sections (Monochrome Print, Color Print, Nature Print, Wildlife Print, Photojournalism Print & Photo Travel Print).

Our website is: www.wpaidelhi.com The digital Images can be submitted online and the Entry Fee can be paid through PayPal also.

Photography is one of the new media forms that charges perception and changes the structure of society. Photography is a life but captured in frames, through different angles, shapes, colors to depict creativity to the world of lenses. I am happy that more and more camera-artists are coming forward to produce good images which have become valuable assets of SAM CIRCUIT in which ‘Digital’ alteration is strictly prohibited. This aspect is kept in mind by the Judges while selecting Photographs for various awards and acceptances.

We expect lots of new digital Images, be it Monochrome Pictorial, Color Pictorial, Nature, Wildlife, Photojournalism or Photo Travel in coming year. We expect larger and keen participation in SAM PRINT CIRCUIT 2014 for all the Sections (Monochrome, Color, Nature, Wildlife, Photojournalism & Photo Travel) which we hope to see in 2014 “SAM CIRCUIT” & “SAM PRINT CIRCUIT”.